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Two Cherubs Reading, Detail from Madonna and Child with Saints by Rosso Fiorentino (Battista di Jacopo)

Two Cherubs Reading, Detail from Madonna and Child with Saints by Rosso Fiorentino (Battista di Jacopo)

Can anyone tell me, who are “Munner Murray” and “Jophus?”

Well, I can tell you who they are; they are true life characters who my little Chance grandbaby reads about with me in his little book, I Learn to Read about Jesus. This is a wonderful little book which was mine as a child, given to me by my mother. Sadly our original was lost when our home burned but blessedly my mother happened across another copy of it and was able to procure it for me to read to the grandbabies. And, boy, do my 3 grand boys love to read!

It has been so much fun to introduce the love of reading to the boys. At this point in time our little Chance is wide eyed with enthusiasm as the literary world unfolds before his eyes and his imagination. He loves his books and I just really feel a desire to record here his favorites and the things he says about them.

His very first favorite book was Good Night, Gorilla, and he was quite taken with the main character, Gorilla, who he called Mawntee (Monkey), and the elephant who he called El-e-phawn-tay. One night he was playing with his baby brother, Thorne, and suddenly his eyes lit up and I could just see a light dawning in his little understanding. Transfixed, I drew nearer to him, studying him, knowing that some realization had hit him about his tiny sibling. Amazed he pointed to his brother and screamed, “Mawntee!” We quickly informed him that Thorne was not a ‘mawntee,’ but he just looked at us like we were crazy and said, while pointing at Thorne, “Mawntee, Mawntee, Mawntee!” Mawntee it is…I only hope the nickname doesn’t follow poor Thorne past his babyhood…

My little “Chance Pance” also loves The Little Engine That Could and for some reason when he was VERY small he noted in the illustrations an obscure little Humpty Dumpty amongst the toys going to the good little boys and girls on the other side of the mountain. “Dumpy Dumpy!” he cries when he sees the book and all the way through it until we get to “Dumpy Dumpy’s” page.

How precious it is to see a child’s mind unfolding and growing like a blossom in the spring. As I watch and enjoy I am often reminded of a conversation I had while walking our first grandson, “Micah Man,” at the park one day. There were two older gentlemen and one commented on Micah and I stopped for a bit of grandmotherly show-off time. The other of the two men began telling me how when his grandchildren began coming he and his wife ‘escaped’ to another part of the country to live. I was saddend over that statement and all it represented; it haunts me to this day.

Thank God I am able to live so near and see my little heritage and have them often in my home. What a blessing to know their expressions and their dimples and their personalities in such an intimate way because they are a part of my everyday life as well as a part of my heart.

What are some of the cute things your youngsters say/said?  Feel free to share; I’d love to hear.

Blessed is the Grand Maw who has a quiver full, y’all!

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