Can Any of You Top This?

Posted by Tara on May 1, 2009 in Food an' Cookin', Humor |

Dome Chocolate By Jennifer Sosik
Dome Chocolate By Jennifer Sosik

I confess.  I am a chocoholic, y’all.  My two daughters have followed in my tracks.  I don’t know whether this makes me sad or whether I feel a proud bond with them over this.  It depends upon how plentiful the chocolate supply is.

When we’re all gathered around the TV for a girlie night piggin’ out from a plenteous supply of chocolate, I feel that we’re all happily bonded.  When I scrounge desperately for a wonderful, rich sweetie that I KNOW was there yesterday and now it is GONE…well…I’m not sa’happy then…

I have a friend who can really relate to this. When pregnant with their first child, her husband worked the 3-11pm shift. She made a luscious chocolate cake and left it sitting out in view so that he could have a treat when he arrived home that night.  The cake called her pregnant little name, so she got out of bed and returned to the kitchen for just a slice. It still looked beautiful and she sighed happily and went back to bed.

The calls from the cake became more and more urgent, however and after several trips back to the kitchen, she was appalled to see how little of the cake was left!  She went worriedly back to bed, but it suddenly hit her that hubby would KNOW who ate ALL the rest of that cake!! She was SO ashamed! She got up squalling and ate all the rest of it and hurriedly cleaned every trace of chocolate cake from the kitchen.  She raced back to bed just in time to ‘be asleep’ as he came in.

He moved around in the kitchen a bit and came on to the bedroom and nudged her gently, “Hey! Do I smell a cake or something?”, he whispered.  She FROZE! Then she did the only thing that any good, honest Christian young woman could do under the circumstances. “NO!”, she snapped. “I don’t know what you’re talking about! Leave me alone and let me go back to sleep!”

Hahahahahaha! It was a couple of years before she even told me about this unfortunate occurrence! I’m not sure whether she’s ever told him or not!

What’s your most memorable chocolate story?


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